provides exclusive hydrogenation and oil purification services. Specialized in squalene and squalane since 1984 has developed long lasting partnerships in the cosmetic market worldwide.


Values, Vision & Mission


Customers are in the centre of our decisions
Trust is the base all our comercial relations
Perfection is key for an excellent service
Always deliver the best, in full and on time


Maintain customers' recognition as the best squalene hydrogenation and squalane purification service provider worldwide.


Activelly invest in research and development to delier a state of the art service to our customers. Extract, hydrogenate and purify squalane at best possible market value.

our history

Quality Policy Founded on October 25th 2010, Vestan, S.A.,
is a company specialized in the field of purification and hydrogenation
of fatty acids, based on the know-how and 20 years of experience of one of its founders in the industry. As company of reference, it has as main objective to provide a quality service focused on meeting the needs and expectations of its customers, which highlighted the importance of establishing, implementing and certifying a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 Standard, emphasizing a commitment to quality.

This document establishes the Quality Policy of Vestan, S.A. in which is assumed the commitment to the continual improvement of its products and services, pledging to:

- Perform a service that aims excellence, in order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, particularly concerning quality, time and responsiveness;

- Establish and maintain a good relationship with clients, fostering the creation of a solid partnership, based on trust and that allows reaching the goals set by both parties;

- Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as others subscribed by Vestan, S.A.;

- Establish, monitor and review its management system and quality objectives associated, in order to its continuously improvement and adjustment to changes in the needs of customers, employees and other stakeholders;

- Communicate and make available the Quality Policy to employees, suppliers, customers and other relevant stakeholders.


is a unique saturated hydrocarbon also known as Perhydrosqualene, Spinacene, Dodecahydrosqualene and its chemical description is 2,6,10,15,19,23 Hexamethyltetracosane (C30H62) with Mol weight 422,82.

Both squalene and squalane exist as normal components of the human sebum to the extent of 10% and 2,5% respectively. Since squalane is a fully saturated material it has practical advantages over squalene since it’s: non-oxidising, non-drying and stable

Squalane is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic and completely compatible with the human epidermis according to the normal tests applied for the evaluation of cosmetic materials.

In appearance squalane is a colorless liquid oil which is odorless and tasteless.Since squalane is a natural component of the human sebum, it acts as a mild liquid vehicle able to give flexibility and smoothness to the skin without any unpleasant greasy feel.

Squalane assists in preventing water loss from the skin's surface., which causes skin hydration and increases the percutaneous absorption of other active substances.

Squalane is used in several internationally known cosmetic formulations, mainly in the highest segment of cosmetic ranges.

our services

We are specialized in squalene hydrogenation and squalane purification services. We work with olive oil squalene and squalane and other sources as well.

Our services include a catalyst hydrogenation service and several oil purification services, which include: color removal, odor removal, wax removal and residual components removal.

With these services we can reach an high purity squalane for cosmetic use: odorless, colorless, low iodine value, low cloud point value and low saponification value.

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VESTAN has developed and registered an unique squalene hydrogenation process, which has been used and recognized worldwide by customers since company’s foundation, having consistently reached and overpass their minimum standards.

The hydrogenated squalene, the squalane, reaches an iodine value lower than 1,00 and with some high quality squalene, it can reach an iodine index lower than 0,10.

The lower the iodine number, the less C=C bonds are present in the squalane, thus the better is the hydrogenation.

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High purity squalane, ready for cosmetic use, has to have more than 92% concentration and can only be reached when purification processes of are applied.

VESTAN invested strongly in R&D to develop and acquire know-how in squalane purification processes. There are several purification processes available and should only be use depending on the squalene or squalane characteristics.

To reach a pure squalane we provide several services, such as: color removal, odor removal, wax removal and other components removal. To reach such high standards we only use the best available active products (silica, active carbons and clays) and newest processes.

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